What does it mean to shop local?

What does it mean to shop local?

The world is in a state of continuous change. People have now been given the comfort of being able to shop for almost anything from their homes, thanks to e-commerce stores. In the UK, according to a study, online purchases from retail stores made up around 20% of the total spending in 2019.

While e-commerce giants in the UK like Amazon and ASOS are convenient to the vast majority, here’s how you – as a consumer – can benefit from shopping locally instead. (Yes, this means actually walking down the street to your local markets and supporting the local businesses).

Here’s what shopping locally actually means for you.

A personalised experience.

You’ll often find local business owners to be someone you know – a friend or even a relative. They certainly go out of their way to make you happy, a service you wouldn’t get at large international stores. Additionally, they’ll even share valuable opinions on a matter that could turn out to be beneficial for you.

Unique shop products.

The UK is one of the best manufacturers in the world; there isn’t anything that we, the Great British public need, that we don’t make. The local businesses equip unique, one-of-a-kind products that you wouldn’t find at Amazon, Tesco, or eBay. A good thing to remember is shopping on sites such as Amazon will get you something hundreds of people already have, even more, if the brand is internationally recognised.

Better quality.

Since retailers such as ASOS are interested in the cost of products and the profits gained, they tend to sell anything they can get their hands on. To make up for the high demand (and maximise their profits), most retailers source their products from China in bulk. While the Chinese do excel at mass production, many producers aren’t on par with the quality the Brits are used to. This is where the local UK shops come to the rescue; they provide top-quality products that certainly last a lot longer.

Upgraded lifestyle.

As you shop locally, you’re boosting the local business community. They will soon look to grow and would need to hire employees to manage the workload. These people then have a job to go to and have the opportunity to upgrade their lifestyle.

Gradually, the business communities start to grow, create more jobs, and brings in money to the country. The tax money increases and re-enters your community. This can further start-up local programs and initiatives and improve the overall infrastructure of the country. Think of it this way, by buying local products; you’re actually investing in your own country.

Undoubtedly online shopping has made a significant impact on retail stores. In the UK, the e-commerce revenue in 2018 accounted for £688.4 billion, and we expect a large percentage of this money going out of the country. Why not shop locally to keep the money in the UK, to keep the money for ourselves?

We’re here to help.

Whether your a small business owner looking for some support or a consumer wanting to understand what it means to shop local, our team is here to help. Please get in touch to find out more.

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