Ukraine appeal backed by UK small businesses.

Our local communities in the UK are our priority, here at Shop Local UK Org. That doesn’t mean we’re not concerned about the global community – and when Russia invaded Ukraine this year, we were determined to somehow help.

What we managed to achieve and the people we helped was a testament to what small business in this country can do when they work together.

After collaborating with a wide range of small organisations, ranging from food suppliers to dog charities, we were ready to head to Kyiv on a mission to bring supplies for the local citizens and army (and dogs). How our Co-Founder, Nigel, found himself at the edge of the frontlines is an incredible story, and we implore you to read on.



How you can help.

We can’t continue with these projects without your help. We want to go on more of these missions and help more people on a much larger scale.

We are a social movement, not a large corporation tied to a long list of financial outgoings and executives to pay, meaning we can put all of your donations straight into acquiring the supplies and getting them to Ukraine. So, please donate to see what we can achieve cooperatively.

We want everybody who donates to be fully involved, so please check out our Instagram page whilst you’re there for live updates and more.

Not sure how far your donation will go? See below for more details.

What's needed right now.

Our point of contact in Ukraine has sent us a shopping list for our next trip. They have the people in place and the infrastructure to distribute. It’s down to us to supply them what they need.

Essentials (food, drink and toiletries):

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Canned meat
  • Canned fish
  • Dried human food
  • Snacks
  • Salt
  • Dried dog food
  • Soap
  • Washing powder
  • Toothpaste

Household and electronics:

  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Warm clothing
  • Flashlights
  • Powerbanks
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Batteries

What your donation could get.

Wondering what your money can contribute? We’ve crunched the numbers to give you a better idea:


Example A:

  • 30 packets of dry noodles – £2.70
  • 10 protein flapjacks – £1.40
  • 24 sachets of baby porridge – £2.80
  • 2 boxes of baby biscuits – £1.40
  • 4 tubes of toothpaste – 40p
  • 4 hand soap dispensers – 40p
  • 4 chocolate bars – 92p

Example B:

  • 2 blankets – £4.70
  • 2 pillows – £2.80
  • 1 10 pack of AA batteries – £1.50
  • 1 flashlight – £1.00

Example C:

  • 20kg of dry dog food – £10
  • Or 48 x 85g tins of cat food – £10


Example A:

  • 48 packets of dry noodles – £4.32
  • 20 protein flapjacks – £2.80
  • 48 sachets of baby porridge – £5.60       
  • 2 boxes of baby biscuits – £1.40
  • 4 tubes of toothpaste – 80p                        
  • 4 hand soap dispensers – 80p           
  • 4 bars of chocolate – £1.92                   
  • 24 cans of tuna – £4.80                  
  • 12 cans of stewed beef – £5.90
  • 2 blankets – £4.70
  • 2 pillows – £2.80
  • 2 10 packs of AA batteries – £1.50                         
  • 1 USB battery – £3.10     
  • 2 flashlights – £2
  • 48 Cup a Soups – £3.60
  • 1 box of washing powder (5kg) – £2.20
  • 4 packets of digestive biscuits – £1.80

Example B:

  • 100kg of dry dog food – £50
  • Or 240 x 85g tins of cat food – £50

Follow our every move.

Come along with us as we increase our efforts and cross the borders to help even more families affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Follow us on Instagram @stockup2standup for our latest updates.


From our wonderful organisers.

Our ask.

That if you are to help financially in any way to help this aid flow continue and expain then please do so on our giving page.

If you choose to, then we suggest following our Instagram so you can see for yourself the tangible benefits of this aid you have helped provide.We know how rewarding this is, having seen personally the immediate impact a box of baby food or even a packet of noodles has on the incredible and proud people of Ukraine.

It is truly moving for them and us both to know that other Europeans are with them in this horrific situation.

Our aim.

To be able to help the people in Ukraine by providing a 40ft trailer packed full of urgently needed aid at least once per month, for as long as is necessary. We have the knowledge and correct people on the ground to distribute it, and we have the people able to source it at the best price possible and get it there. However, what we do need is your help.

At Shop Local UK Org, we have taken the dive and put our own cause aside for now, and tried and tested the route, delivering two van loads of aid but more importantly, instrumental in helping set up a distribution network of locals that make a difference to the local people that are in desperate need of our help. We want to carry this on, expand the movement, and see how much we can do when we co-operate – that’s what SLUO is all about.

Our goal.

To be able to provide a 40 ft truck load of aid once per month initially and to be able to provide 2 trucks per month by the end of July.

Some 56+ Pallets of Food and urgently needed aid for the worst effected areas of Ukraine each month until its not needed.

Below is an example of the size of truck we have available to use but only with the generosity of your help.
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