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St Mawes Seafood.

“I’ve run my seafood stall selling Peter’s fish and local crab for thirteen years, and he has been fishing these local waters for over 35 yrs. Fish comes straight from Peter’s boat Santa Maria IV which is run single-handedly. He literally walks the landed fish to my stall so absolutely zero food miles. Our daughter helps during college holidays, so it is a family enterprise. 

We feel it so important to provide a local service for many reasons. Here in St Mawes, we are twenty miles away from the nearest town, so it’s essential to our community, especially the non-drivers not to have too travel far. Our customers will not be able to get fresher fish anywhere, usually purchasing it within just a couple of hours of it being caught as opposed to a couple of weeks in the supermarkets. 

Their support is keeping part of our precious heritage alive and enabling us to pay our bills. I offer a delivery service to those unable to get out, especially during these uncertain times. My little stall is a hub of fun and laughter, yet it can be a precious link to some of my customers who often don’t see anyone all day.  We are indebted to all of our customers for their continued support, and we hope to offer our services for a long time to come.”

You can catch Angie and Peter in action on BBC Two Cornwall: This Fishing Life.

St Mawes Seafood
Angie and Peter Green

Joe Browns - Plymouth City Market.

“We have been selling quality fruit and veg here in Plymouth city market for over 44yrs.

I firmly believe that people should shop locally because not only is the quality of our produce great and far fresher than most of the larger supermarkets, but it is also at very competitive prices. A lot of our produce I buy in personally from local suppliers, so we know it’s fresh, and there are very little transport miles.

A lot of the money we receive goes right back into our community which helps support people here in so many ways, a lot of people don’t realize this.

A lot of our customers live very close by, many walk here and are dependent on local stores like ours to survive during these difficult times, so its never been more important to have quality local Fruit and Veg stores handy and open, so now is the time to use us or lose us.”

Fruit & Veg, Plymouth City Market
Joe Brown


“Here at TyreMarks of Tavistock, we have enjoyed rapid growth since we started our business in 2007.

A massive part of this growth is due to our local customers’ loyalty that not only keeps returning but has spread the word personally about the quality of our workmanship and the bespoke, high performance and custom services we also offer. We are extremely grateful for their business and how they have helped us grow so successfully to where we are today.

Being a local boy from Tavistock, I have always been very active in local events and charities. I know the importance of community spirit and feel very passionate about our town’s state and health.

I encourage all our customers to do as much of their shopping as possible with our excellent independent retailers in our town. I want to urge people that live not only in rural communities like ours, but across the whole country the importance of keeping local shops and business’s thriving because without their help many will not survive these difficult times.”

Farrah and Mark Tillyer

Philip Warren at Oughs.

“We are professional Cornish butchers who farm and work closely with other local farmers to deliver great meats to you. Meat aged on the bone as nature intended.

Our customers prefer to buy their meats, poultry or game from us because our experienced butchers choose only the best products and can tell our customers exactly the farmer it has come from, whether it’s our own farmed products or local farmers we have known and dealt with for many years.

We are living proof that a family run butcher’s in a rural town can survive in todays multi national supermarket environment, we have done so purely by the support of our local and outlying community that have chosen to shop locally for quality and trust in our products and the service we provide.

We have always been here as the foundation of our local community for years; it is just really important to remind people of the continual role we and other local shops play in our rural society.”

Philip Warren at Oughs
Geoff Brown
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