We're on a mission to save our local communities.

Creating awareness to reach the public on a national scale.

We, Shop Local UK Org, are on a mission to encourage more people to shop local and to save our local communities. Our social movement is to save our local shops nationally, not just regionally, and we do this by creating one central message – Shop Local. Save Our Community.

We won’t stop until Shop Local UK Org becomes a household name. We genuinely believe that if we, as a country, act now by spending more money locally, then our communities can still be revived. The question now is, will you join us?

Shop Local UK Org


From our wonderful clients.


Our latest news.

Our articles intend to encourage and inspire those who need it, and they do precisely that. From best practice tips for retailer owners to what you can do as a consumer to help support shop local, we’ve got you covered.
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