Benefits of shopping locally

Benefits of shopping locally

Many people take immense pride in shopping imported products at grossly inflated prices, to showcase their wealth but have you ever considered that by doing so, you could actually be costing local merchandisers their daily jobs and businesses?

You might think it’s a nonissue and wouldn’t make any difference to the people around you. Still, it most definitely adversely affecting the economy, disposable income of locals, jobs, small-sized businesses, and ultimately the government expenditure raises.

There are several benefits of using local products and prioritising locally made purchases. The big brands might give you a product to show off, but the impact you can generate on a vast segment of society by merely shunning the idea of unnecessary imported products purchase would elevate your national pride.

Contributes towards the national economy.

Many people blame the current slump in the economy on Brexit. However, the severe issues observed in 2019 was the lowest high street sales on record in the past 25 years. The only support adhered to the economy was through online sales. It was reported that the retail spending in November and December (which is the holiday season) recorded an annual downfall of a combined 0.9% in 2019. The high streets have been the heart of the cities of the UK. It is devastating to see these landmarks cripple because of the increasing desire of people to shop for imported products. This whole equation can be altered if consumers collectively decide to switch to local products and produce and support their own economy.

Generates local jobs.

If you are buying from a local grocery store rather than outlets from other countries, you are in fact generating local jobs. More jobs translate into less burden on the state and social spending. People need to know that small and medium-size businesses contribute to 61% employment with a turnover of £2.3 trillion (52%), with only small businesses generating 13.3 million jobs (which is 48% of the total employment).

Supports local small and medium-sized businesses.

The local job market is constructed with small and medium-sized businesses. People who work for these businesses are usually more comfortable compared to the people working for larger corporations. Local products and produce are more suitable for the people of that land as there are fewer preservatives and no storage involved. Consuming local products is not just economically better, but health proficient as well.

Helps build better communities.

Small businesses such as local grocery stores, fruit shops, florists, gift shops, bookshops, cafes, and restaurants are irreplaceable elements of a strong society. These building blocks help society become a community where people care for each other. There are unique characteristics in every town, which can be associated with the help of their local markets and communities. Local markets also help reduce carbon footprints by reduced product transportation. You are not only eating healthy, preservative-free products and improving your health but also helping to build a stronger, deeper community.

We’re here to help.

Whether your a small business owner looking for some support or a consumer wanting to understand what it means to shop local, our team is here to help. Please get in touch to find out more.

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